I found a pic on the land wiki and I just found out what it is!

why isn't it lalaloopsy?Edit

well it's an anime girl and anime girls DO NOT have something to do with lalaloopsy unless it's anime girl of a lalaloopsy I'm fine with that on my lalaloopsy girl wiki but DO NOT UPLOAD THINGS THAT'S NOT LALALOOPSY OR MAKE STUFF UP ON THIS WIKI CUZ TOMORROW I'M MAKING A FANON WIKI FOR ALL OF THAT CROSSOVER JUNK!

don't be mad at me!Edit

sorry for the caps but still!

I will show you what to upload and to NOT upload!

you may upload something like this! cuz it's an anime version of the lalaloopsy scraps stiched n sewn!



well! I like some crossovers to but... it's cute and all but to a lalaloopsy wiki like lalaloopsy girl wiki which is mine and one of my rules is no uploading things that is not lalaloopsy but I broke one of my rules but that doesn't matter cuz I'm the owner of this wiki! and the owner can do whatever she wants!

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